Shopping at Greenhills Tiangge

I'm not really into shopping but last Sunday I had the urge to go to Greenhills Shopping Center just to look at what I could buy to add to my scant wardrobe. The tiangges in Greenhills are the next best thing to Divisoria and the 168 Mall. Although commodities in the latter two are really much cheaper, the tiangges in Greenhills also sell pretty cheap items, of course, coupled with your haggling and bargaining prowess.

I realized then, as I weaved through the throngs of shoppers, why I didn't shop that much. First, I hate crowds! I want to be able to walk at my preferred pace without any hindrances. That's impossible given a very eager Sunday crowd, narrow aisles, and commodities spilling out of the stalls and thrown in your path. Second, I was reminded that tiangges come with limitations, the most glaring of which is the lack of fitting rooms. The saleslady spread a blanket on one corner instead as a makeshift fitting room while I tried on one of their blouses. Afterwards, I had to settle at a handheld mirror to see how the blouse looked on me.

I would have wanted to buy a one-piece casual dress but I didn't want the inconvenience of fitting. I wasn't comfortable with removing my shirt and pants given the vulnerability of their fitting rooms LOL. So I bought one red blouse with embroidery which I was able to haggle for P350 (from P600, tsk tsk!). And then I bought a casual pair of slip-ons that's a clone of the Crocs Santa Cruz model, for P250. Not bad. That was all my shopping money could afford me. Methinks impulsive buying is fun sometimes. :)

Shopping in tiangges is very inviting because of the cheap finds and the thrill of bargaining. It is no different in Greenhills tiangge. I suddenly missed a friend of mine who was very good in bargaining but now resides in the States. I'm not an expert at it, but I can relay here what friends advise me. It might help you with your Christmas shopping soon.

First, don't haggle if you don't intend to buy. You will only irritate the saleslady if she gives in to your price but you are not wont to take it.

Second, expect tag prices to be steep offhand since they really give allowances for cheapskates like us :)  You could try your luck at bargaining for half the price but for sure they won't give it. But try to bargain for as low as you can and don't settle for the first discounted price they tell you. Chances are, there's still room to go lower.

And last, of course good social skills will really go a long way. The salesladies warm up to buyers who are pleasant to deal with. A little cajoling will help so that asking for a discount is not being a too serious conversation.

Happy shopping!
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