Spring Awakening in Manila

Finally, Spring Awakening comes to Manila, thanks to Atlantis Production (courtesy of Bobby Garcia) for getting its rights. I had a chance to watch it with friends last Sunday. We are cheapos, and could only settle for balcony seats at P700 each. But later on in the show (read: after the frontal nudity!), I realized that we, at the balcony, were in a much privileged position after all. Harhar! We really couldn't tell if the flash-show was for real or if prosthetics were used, but definitely, the nipple show was best viewed from the top. And definitely, the butt was for real!

Anyways, nudities aside, Spring Awakening was really superb. I'm so glad it was staged here in Manila, and I'm glad I got to watch it. The cast did a very good job, led by Joaquin Valdes (as Melchior) and Kelly Frances Lati (as Wendla). I've seen Joaquin Valdes before in Into the Woods in Music Museum wherein he portrayed a more animated character. This time, in Spring Awakening, he was in for a more serious role, complete with some graphical adult scenes. That was tough. And he is very cute!

I want to give special mention to Miguel Mendoza who played a supporting role. I was able to follow him in Pinoy Dream Academy. Spring Awakening is his debut to professional theater acting yet he showed so much promise with his raw talent. I think he is more cut out for the theater than in television. Sitti, on the other hand, only gave a mediocre performance, in my opinion. Maybe she should just go back to her bossa nova music :). As for Jett Pangan, he was awesome! I've seen him in several stage productions already, most recent in the Spelling Bee. He can really project.

It's sad that Spring Awakening will run for only 3 weeks. But I'm sure there will be a rerun if it gets a good response from the audience. Go watch it! I will not spoil the details here, but it's a must-see! Although the play goes way back in 1891, I find its theme still very timely after over a hundred years to this day. Sex may not be so much taboo now, but the teens surely need proper sexual guidance in the middle of all the misinformation they get from the media.
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