The Ugly Truth Review

Well, the ugly truth is that, this movie relied more on crude and sexual humor for it to sell. If you are just after a good laugh, especially in this difficult time of recovering from the Typhoon Ondoy calamity, the Ugly Truth will definitely send you sliding down your seats in laughter. It's a good thing because you can relax and relieve yourself from stress for a change. But then, another ugly truth is that this movie is really very stereotypical. There was nothing new to see, nothing new to expect from it, and no different ending that you couldn't guess from the start. The plot is downright predictable. The only new learning for me is that there is such a thing as vibrating panties. I never heard of it before. Or is that an ugly lie? Maybe guys are drawn to watch the Ugly Truth because of Katherine Heigl. See her reveal more flesh than ever before. Whatever sells, you know. ;-) Eric Winter was hot, but I'll prefer rougher guys like Gerard Butler at anytime. Yum!
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