Serena Williams vs Justin Henin Live at the Australian Open 2010 Finals

This is it. Today marks the big day for both Serena Williams and Justin Henin as they face each other in a few hours in the Australian Open 2010 Ladies Singles Finals.

Watch the Serena Williams vs Justin Henin finals game live in various streaming websites in the internet. You can catch a live scoring at the Australian Open 2010 official website.

Serena Williams will be out to defend her title today and break the pattern of winning at the Australian Open only in odd numbered years.

Justin Henin will continue to live the dream. After 20 months of hiatus in the professional arena, she comes back to Australian Open as a wild card entry, and sweating her way to the finals to finally meet world's number one today. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain.

This should be exciting to all tennis fans! I'm for the underdog, Justin Henin!
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