Jobs Available at the Australian Open


Are you curious about how to become a ball boy in the Australian Open? It is a most coveted job for every tennis fanatic. It will be an exciting two-week work that will hardly feel like a job at all as you will be overwhelmed by all the famous faces of tennis you usually just see on TV. Many tennis fans will fight to fill in the position of a ball boy and get a chance to feed balls during the games of their favorite players.

There are many jobs available at the Australian Open, one of which is a ball boy. To qualify for one, they will do a series of battery tests to gauge your eye-hand coordination. Also, sad to say that there is an age limit. If you will notice, those ball boys now at the Australian Open are around from twelve to fifteen years old only. But there are many other jobs available at the Australian Open. And here, I found this list:

• Ballkid Operations Team
• Court Services and Court Operations
• Courtesy Car Drivers
• Corporate and VIP Hospitality
• e-Communications Volunteers
• Grassroots Promotions Volunteers
• Information Services Staff
• Media Staff
• Merchandise/Retail Staff
• Office Administration
• Operations Staff
• Player Medical
• Site & Safety Staff
• Statisticians
• TV Liaison

Of course, it's too late now to be hired for this year's Australian Open, But for next year at the Australian Open 2011, you can start sending in your applications! You better hurry because they will only be accepting applications until the end of March 2010. And should you get accepted, there still other things to prepare, like your working visa for example, if you are not a resident of Australia.

Meanwhile, exciting games are ongoing at the Australian Open 2010. Watch it LIVE on your TV screens!
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