Maria Sharapova Returns in Top Form at the Australian Open 2010


It was not easy for Maria Sharapova to sit in the sidelines of last year’s Australian Open to nurse a shoulder injury. After all, she was the defending champion. But for Sharapova, there is no rush to glory. And now the waiting game is over as she comes back in top form to win another grand slam here in the Australian Open 2010.

She gets her confidence from winning the title two years ago. But she will be in for some tough games this year as many old favorites are also returning. There’s Kim Clijsters and Justin Henin for starters.

There’s just three days left before Australian Open 2010 starts! Maria Sharapova returns with a big bang, and she’s ready to face the battle. Don’t forget to watch Australian Open 2010 live on your television and root for your favorite players!

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