Watch Australian Open 2010 Live!


There's just ten days left for all tennis fans to count before they can get to watch Australian Open 2010 live on their favorite sports channels! I, for one, am all giddy about it. After new year, the next best thing I always look forward to is the Australian Open, the first in a series of grand slams every year.

There are a couple of interesting things to look forward to in this year's Australian Open:

1) Maria Sharapova is out to play again after her shoulder injury pushed her to the sidelines last year.

2) Justin Henin is also back from her retirement! She seems to be in perfect shape and raring to display her strong backhand again. The world awaits if she can equal Kim Clijsters' very successful comeback. She holds 7 grand slam titles so far. Will her wildcard entry to this year's Australian Open give her her 8th title?

3) Defending champion and controversial Serena Williams is not banned from joining this year's AS Open after all. Last year she figured into a verbal dispute with a lineswoman in an uptight match against Clijsters in the US Open.

4) Many spectators are setting their eyes on Jelena Dokic who wowed the crowd last year with her exemplary display of tennis skills on court. She'll be one of the toughest lady contenders in this year's AS Open.

5) Of course, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are contemporary classics. Grand slams will not be complete without them. The fight for number one continues for them in just a few days!

We are all rooting for our favorite players. I sure will be glued on my TV as the first grand slam commences in a few days time. Don't pass up this chance to watch the Australian Open 2010 live! Game on!
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