Happy New Year!


Happy new year bloggers! I dedicate my first entry for 2010 to all those people who went to work on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day to make this joyous season very NORMAL to us!

I spent New Year's Eve with my beau, and then later on with my sister at Bonifacio High Street. While waiting for the clock to strike 12, my sister and I chilled at Caffe Puccinni. It was a good way to observe the people around us, especially those who stayed up late to work so that the rest of us could enjoy a very normal holiday. I mean the staff at the hotel who worked just as if it was an ordinary day. I mean the waiters who served our cocktail drinks so we can toast to 2010. I mean those three gentlemen who moved from table to table with their guitars to serenade the diners. I mean the security guards at The Fort who roamed the vicinity to make sure everything was kept in order. I mean that woman behind the parking ticket booth who waited up to the last car to leave the parking lot after the fireworks.

I may not be able to mention them all, but they were everywhere. These people spent precious moments away from their families, away from their loved ones, on a very special occasion to make the holiday season very special to us. Without their sacrifice, we could not have gone on with our usual festivities and traditions. It is no joke to work on a holiday, especially if it's New Year's Eve. And so I appreciate their efforts and sacrifice. Unknown to them, they have made a lot of people happy. At least, they made me happy.

Good luck to all of us in 2010! Cheers!
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